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F.H. Collins

This year at F.H. Collins, the cafeteria will be offering pre-ordered lunches to Grade 9s who are eating in their classrooms at F.H.Collins and to staff.

Our lunch boxes will change daily and will offer a wide range of healthy salads, sandwiches and treats to help keep your brains alert and ready to learn.

Pre-order your lunch by midnight the evening before and your lunch will be ready for pick-up at F.H. cafeteria. We will only be accepting cash and would appreciate exact change if possible. 20$ pre-paid meal cards are also available. The menu will change every Tuesday and be available from Tuesday to the following Monday. We will sometimes have special menu items based on ingredients we get in.



We learn, we make, you eat

Grade 10, 11 and 12 F.H. Collins students who are fully Food Safe Certified will be learning new skills, honing their previously gained skills and carefully handcrafting your lunches.

We want to make food with passion and creativity that makes you feel good and will change your idea of what cafeteria food can be.

Students and staff will be following strict COVID-19 safety protocols such as wearing masks, hand hygiene and physical distancing, to ensure your food gets to you safely.

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Wood Street Drop off 

every Friday

F.H. Collins cafeteria pickup 

every day at 11:40-12:25

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